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Understanding Middle Earth

UPDATE: Michael Martinez will be appearing at Dragoncon over the Labor Day Weekend.

"Understanding Middle Earth - Essays on Tolkien's Middle-Earth" by Michael Martinez is scheduled to be published in November 2003.

Understading Middle Earth begins with a comprehensive study of Tolkien's imaginery history, explores Tolkien's pseudo-history in detail, analyzing the motivations and values of Middle-Earth's civilizations as descrived by Tolkien himself and provides a wealth of insightful commentary on those Tolkien sources which are often missed by other researchers.

Michael Martinez has been active in science fiction and fantasy fandom for many years. In 2000, he organized the Tolkien and Middle-Earth fan programming track for Dragoncon - North America's largest fan-run science fiction convention. As a widely recognized expert on Tolkien's Middle-Earth mythology, Martinez has been called upon by companies around the world to share his insight for their special Tolkien projects. His research has appeared in munerous Tolkien journals, and he launched the long-running and popular Tolkien and Middle-Earth topic for the Suite101.com website in late 1999.

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