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Test Your Play As Declarer - Volume 2
by Paul Lukacs and Jeff Rubens

Quality Paperback


List Price: $17.00

202 pgs
"Both books are highly recommended for players good enough to benefit from them." - Bridge Plus

Two famous internationalists teach you how to analyze and play out the difficult hands that separate the neophytes from the prize winners.

PAUL LUKACS (1915-1982) was a renowned problem constructor and analyst, who represented Israel in international play. His most lasting contribution to bridge literature was as co-author of “Spotlight on Card Play” (with Robert Darvas), the first post-war problem collection to highlight expert thought processes.

JEFF RUBENS (b. 1941), a former mathematics professor, has been co-editor and then editor of the world's most prestigious bridge magazine, “The Bridge World”, since 1967. His best known book is the classic “Secrets of Winning Bridge.”