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Win at Duplicate Bridge
Bid Difficult Bridge Hands Like An Expert
by Fred Parker

Quality Paperback

ISBN 13: 978-1-58776-178-2

210 pgs

List Price: $18.00

Win at Duplicate Bridge teaches modern bridge bidding techniques to the intermediate duplicate bridge player. It describes and fully explains all modern conventions, including the two over one system. The book is full of examples on how to bid difficult hands, and explains the nuances of expert bidding practices. It advises the player, which conventions are most useful and how to play them. It is an invaluable teaching and reference book for any serious bridge player.

Author Bio:

Fred Parker was born in Hungary. He survived the Nazis, escaped from the Communists and made a career in the United States as an executive in Hi-Tech electronics. His lifelong interest in bridge led him to his second career as a bridge writer and player.