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EMS: The Job of Your Life
by Devin Kerins

Quality Paperback


List Price: $16.00

You hear the sirens wailing behind and pull to the side just as the ambulance breezes past you at a seemingly break-neck speed. You see through the rear windows, the EMT inside is laughing as he converses with the patient. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside? Here is your chance to climb inside and see what really happens beneath the sirens. EMS: The Job of Your Life takes you behind the wheel and into the heart of chaos as you read about the ups and downs of one of the most dangerous professions in the world.

Devin Kerins, a nationally registered paramedic and veteran of almost a decade's worth of emergency medical services, brings you into the mind of those called upon in times of need. From his suburban volunteer calls to his career runs in one of New Jersey's toughest cities, you'll share in the laughter and tears as he recounts some of his memorable and outrageous experiences.

Reviews from Amazon.com:

"Welcome to the amazing world of EMS! Devin tells the stories that nobody believes, but all EMTs have gone through. If you are in the business, you will be laughing at the stories. If you're not in the business, trust me, this stuff isn't made up. Fiction couldn't be this strange."

"A note to all you young folks out there that are considering a career in the field of emergency medical service, read the book. It will open eyes as to what your getting yourself into."

"A must read for anyone who's interested in knowing more about EMS. "

"I'm unofficially making this a mandatory read for all my new EMT students."

"...I was blown away by this book....Instead of hero centered war stories, Devin mixes raw honesty and self-effacing humor to create a blend of stories that really captures the essence of the EMS worker...I highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in EMS! Simply Amazing! "