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Bring Back Vitality: Unleash Your Power to Reclaim Vital Health

by Lori Petrucciani, N.D. and Bea White


PRICE: $24.95

In this empowering book, Lori and Bea challenge you to reclaim responsibility for your health. Step on the vitality path with them, grab your infuser water bottle and chug down your Hydro Target. The first step is to realize your doctor is not responsible for your health – you are! Continue on the vitality path as you learn how your amazing body works. You’ll enjoy deconstructing food and water and may hear yourself asking - Could this really be true? Understand nourishment and toxins so you’ll stop eating processed foods! Learn to cleanse and experience an incredible surge of energy and a natural high. You’ll even use some of your high school chemistry to understand that a slightly alkaline body is crucial for optimal health. They also include natural remedies which address root causes to relieve symptoms instead of masking them. After applying these concepts you’ll start to feel better than you have in years. This is a great guide for you, a vitality seeker, to easily apply a balanced approach to Bring Back Your Vitality